Friday, 1 April 2011

Penguin Safari Needs Money

Hello,Penguin Safari has been down because of lack of money.This is one reason why some Private Servers are dieng these day.Anyway,Hyperdude120 posted this on Penguin
"Hello,Penguin Safari has been down because of lack of money.It will be up soon,if someone donates or clicks on there ads.Hyperdude120 posted this on the website:
We need YOU to help Penguin Safari as we’re lacking money for our web host, VPS etc… We’ve setup 3 easy ways you can support us and help Penguin Safari stay online below:
  1. Click the Ads placed on
  2. Or Download our toolbar here
  3. Or help us lots by donating to us.
We need you!"

I've donated a little bit.Please donate,don't let this private server go down.


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