Thursday, 31 March 2011

iCPPS Password Selling

There’s some shocking news coming out of iCPPS.
One of the owners of iCPPS, Connor was using a version of the iCPPS source which did not encrypt passwords. To make matters worse, Connor was actually trying to sell user’s passwords. He was then just private chatting people and telling them their password, just for fun.
Obviously this is extremely unethical and for a private server user to do this amazes me.
So, if you have registered for iCPPS, even with a very secure password, they can see your password. If you have used a password when registering for iCPPS that you have used before online, change all passwords to which you have used that same password on! They could easily sell this information to someone with bad intents.
And also, because of these unethical practices, I will not longer be posting about iCPPS, so that our users do not register for a private server which sells their password! I suggest you play another CPPS.
  UPDATE: Connor posted this on just to not let anyone know it was him "iCPPS got messed up, all users have to make a new account. Sorry for the inconvenience."

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