Monday, 28 March 2011

Disney or Crocidiles?

You guys know how most of these private servers have ended, right? A C&D from “Disney”. Every one. Not in one was action taken. Do you know how all of these C&D’s were received? By email. Cease and Desists are always sent by mail. Every owner would have got a letter sent to their door, not an email.
Well, let me get to the point here. Apparently there’s this group called the “Crocodiles”. It was created about 2 years ago, there were quite a bit of members (as I have been told). The group eventually died, only few members still being in touch. Around the creation of iCPv3 they reformed. There were only 3 members. One got sent to jail for 6 months for using dukadialer to harass people. Anyway, it has been said that these “Crocodiles” have been sending fake C&D’s to private servers. They said they were the ones who got iCPv3 down, along with a lot of other private servers. They also claim to have dox on just about all of the staff members of just about every CPPS that ever existed. tl;dr: Apparently a group of people have been sending fake legal documents to private servers to get them shut down.
This means that, possibly, iCPv3 and a lot of other CPPS’s were all closed under false pretenses.
EDIT: The Crocodiles were lying. It has been confirmed. Also, note how I used “possibly” and “claim” in that,


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