Monday, 28 March 2011

Club Penguin Tracking?

This is iShadow,
Anyway, there seems to be a problem here, involving CPPSes. Apparently, Club Penguin has now placed “trace-backs” within their SWFs which logs everybody’s IP address, and I mean everybody’s. Whoever logs into a CPPS with SWFs containing those trace-backs will have their IP address sent to
I’m assuming that the purpose of these trace-backs/IP loggers is to ban penguins who play/join Club Penguin private servers.
But, that’s only what I assume, I may be wrong. Disney might have other reasons to insert those trace-backs.
So if you don’t want to risk your Club Penguin account being banned (If you care), I recommend you stop playing CPPSes. Either that or start being more careful with choosing which private server to use. For example, ask a staff member of that CPPS you wanted to join and make sure whether or not they have those new CP SWFs inside their sauce. If they too are not sure, I advise you to switch private servers.


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