Saturday, 26 March 2011

Penguin Elite "also" comes to an end

Hello everyone, another CPPS is now officially closed. And that CPPS is Penguin Elite. Penguin Elite was also one of my favorite CPPS's. Although, it wasn't that popular compared to HypeCP. Here are the last words from the Penguin Elite team..

Dear users,

It has come to my attention something about Penguin Elite, something, dreadful… See, ever since this project started, we have encountered many obstacles, but I fear this one may be the worst.

It’s the obstacle of survival. With all of the other private servers out there, it takes more time out of the staff’s lives each day to just keep this interesting. Basically, Penguin Elite stops here.

I have spent WAY too much time on this project, and I have missed out on the real things in life for a stupid private server for 10 year olds. If you would like to create your own private server, by all neans, go ahead. I’m not stopping you, but remember this. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying the REAL things in life, rather than sitting on a computer managing an illegal game?

And if you DO want to create a website, why don’t you point your potential towards something based on your own content? If you’re smart enough to create a private server (Unless you’re leeching off of opencp), then you should go on to greater things. You’re wasting your potential on Disney’s game, this is EXACTLY what they want us to do. Disney is trying to get us all to waste our lives making the private servers better, and then they’re just going to mass-update and then your work is gone.

If you would like the sourcecode to Penguin Elite, you can get it here

You may be wondering why I’m releasing the sourcecode if I’m tired of faggy private servers that steal people’s content and claim it is theirs like CP-Pro, iCPSA, etc. It’s because I don’t care anymore, all of these little private servers don’t even have the original source creator (Flappi282)’s permission, and they take about 1000 users from the REAL private servers that actually have permission to run the source. I don’t want to be a part of this anymore, I have a feeling that Disney is going to mass C&D all of this. I don’t think they’re logging your IP when you log on to a private server to ban your account, I think they’re gathering IPs so they can report them. Anyway, I refuse to be around when this happens.

I would like to thank you for the fun time you guys have given the Penguin Elite staff, and we hope to see you again! I will be turning this website into a community with forums etc, so you can still talk with the staff after this is over. Sincerely, Cooldude170 and the Penguin Elite staff.

Farewell Penguin Elite,


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